Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Great Outdoors - Embroideries

1. Heygate Ladies

2. Coldharbour Lane

3. Wendy

These are the three embroideries I created for 'The Great Outdoors' exhibition. I took walks and bus journeys around where I was living in Camberwell, photographing people and then making drawings of them. I wanted to capture quiet moments of ‘The Great Outdoors’ in an urban environment. There’s a lot going on, people going to East Street market, waiting for the 185 to Victoria, trying to avoid male harassment in the street or bumping into an old friend. I documented the hustle and bustle of Walworth Road, the area around Camberwell Green and Coldharbour Lane on my walk home to Southwell Road. I have created three embroideries, one from each of these journeys.

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