Thursday, 31 January 2013

Press molded plate with leaf pattern

Celadon glaze on smooth white clay (pressed leaf pattern). I 'panic' glazed this - submerging it into the glaze like I was doing the washing. What I should have done is quickly but confidently moved it through the glaze. There is a little puddle of double glaze on the interior of this plate as a result. I'm sticking to bucket-sized pieces to practice glazing and also I've made a large piece to try this technique on flatware again (you don't want to see the bottom of this - it's a mess!)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Limner # 2

Limner Logo by Florence Shaw
Left page: Dan Shapiro, Right page: me
Rose Blake
Nick White

Thursday night was the launch of Limner #2 at Beach Gallery London. The publication was put together by Peter Willis and Alice Lindsay of Studio Operative.

I've got my illustration of 'Coldharbour Lane' from The Great Outdoors of South London series published alongside an illustration by the talented Dan Shapiro.

The issue contains 168 pages of wonderful illustration and writing from some very talented people including some awesome work from Rose Blake and words on procrastination from Nick White.

You can buy this treasury of joy Limner #2 directly from their shop here, where you can add Limner #1 to your shopping cart too.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Leather Lane

Embroidery of a moment on Leather Lane.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Limner Journal - Issue 2

Studio Operative are launching Limner Journal #2 - on Thursday 24th January at Beach London, from 6-9pm.

Limner is a new critical journal of illustration. It's aim is to provide a platform for the exploration, critique and contextualisation of contemporary illustration. Issue #2 takes the form of a 168 page book featuring new writing and illustration from:

Jordan Chatwin, Blaise Larmee, Colin David Stewart, Peter Willis, Penny Klein, Murray O'Grady, Stine Belden Røed, Grace Helmer, Jay Cover, Holly Mills, Reena Makwana, Kai Nodland, Reuben Mwaura, Joe Kessler, Liv Taylor, Eric Timothy Carson, Charlotte Mei, Umberto Eco, Ella Mclean, Florence Shaw, Nick White, Alice Lindsay, Good Press Gallery, Joakim Ojanen, Mike Redmond, Jon Pilkington, Chie Miyazaki, Lisa Wilkens, Rose Blake, Megan Woof, Dan Shapiro and Isabella Toledo.

This is the last week you can pre-order the issue for £8 online for collection on the opening night - have a look on here.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Drawing the Pictures

In December, Gerlin (Coincidental Happenings ) posted about 'Drawing the Pictures' . Earlier in 2012 she asked a selection of creatives to produce something that represents their favourite film. I made an embroidery based on a scene from 'Three Men and A Baby', which is easily my favourite film. The zine is available to buy from here and includes some lovely contributions from Daria Hlazatova and Mayken Craenen amongst others. I'm going to give it a read now.