Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The mice!

This week has involved the setting of the latex mould I made (last Thursday) and today I began making the sugar mice. Above is a picture of the clay mouse in the coffin, two white chocolate mice and at the bottom the cardboard coffins. At the moment I've made seven, so I have six more mice to make. White chocolate seems to be the best edible material- most I found involved rolling the mice by hand using a mixture of icing sugar and egg whites. It takes about 25 minutes in the fridge to completely set. The white chocolate makes a nice contrast to the seven brown mice in the sewn part of the piece who escape from the doomed ship. A lot of thanks go to Emma Littlest Birds who suggested the latex as a possible way of making the mould and then lent me the latex. 

I think my work involved belief systems a lot, not religious, but personal ritual and having faith in things outside yourself, which I suppose relates a bit more to the theme of human behaviour. 

I have been knitting leg warmers for a friend for christmas and finalising the drawings for the zine Millie and I are putting together. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

YCN Christmas Tree


Made a little robin for the YCN Christmas Tree and I made a card too. I have made a robin in felt before, but this time I made sure that the little one had feet and I gave it an open beak, so it looks like it is singing...

Monday, 1 December 2008

This little clay mouse is the basis for part of my piece at the 'About the size of a small grown cat' show, curated by Matt Day and Rose Hall. As well as showing the embroidery piece I have completed based on the superstition that if rats and mice run off a ship the voyage is doomed, I am planning to have 13 sugar mice in their own little coffin as well.

Emma of Littlest Birds, who I am having a meeting with on Wednesday is going to sort me out with latex so I can have a mould of my mouse.

I'm exhibiting at the Surface Gallery Postcard Show 2008 in Nottingham for definite - so if anyone is about, pop along (and if you really like my work buy it.)