Saturday, 28 July 2012

South London Tripstitch

I've been working on a number of projects, one being the new Nest Gallery exhibition, opening in November at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Clerkenwell. Anna Lincoln and I have been working with the Exhibition Curator of the space and five other Nest artists to put together 'The Great Outdoors'. Currently the work is in progress, we're going to print soon and things are gradually building momentum. My work is a series of three embroideries depicting South London, in particular three stops starting at the Heygate Estate and finishing at the Camberwell end of Coldharbour Lane, close to my house. Above is a preview of my 'Heygate Ladies' embroidery, the first of the 'tripstitch' (phrase coined by Anna).


Lucy Porter said...

This is fantastical!

Gerlin said...

I agree, too good! Made me laugh too. Wonderful work Reena! Also: love the sound of tripstitch.