Sunday, 24 May 2009

Golden Hands and goodbyes

I saw this today - and the nervous and the sick started to surface. It could be also due to an appalling apple crumble I ate yesterday - it tasted like cleaner. More to the subject, this is the flyer for 'Golden Hands' - a group show featuring the work of Chloe Bonfield, Millie Easton and Jennifer Matignas Pitchers and myself- June 12th -July 5th of this year, the private view begin on the first day 7 - 11pm, so if you're in LA/Orange Country please come along! Hopefully my work will get there, I sent it on Friday via Post Office and it should arrive at the gallery this week. 

This week can be only described as a 'transition' week - I stood at work thinking about how bored I am, and lucky to have an internship which allows me to have a brief break in the working world where I'm not secretly looking at the door and considering running out. I received an email, which was eventually leaked onto the internet that Plan B's next issue in June will be the last. 

I started reading Plan B a few years ago, after browsing the shelves in Borders, during my lunch break in my office job which I hated, despite having one of the nicest bosses you could hope for. The magazine is beautifully designed and written and published articles and interviews with artists I hadn't heard about and I should know. I had previously been a dissatisfied NME reader, buying it on occasion and not really seeing anything new of interest, mostly 'indie landfill', and a one track observation on music. I gave up on it, who really wants to read about Pete Doherty? My sister added this week that Plan B had a nice smell to it and that the NME had the aroma of period...nice.

Plan B magazine was the biscuit selection box of magazines in the music publishing world, showcasing black and white, male and female, dark and light and it will be sadly missed.

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