Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Imprint - Craft Central

Above are some pictures from Craft Central's Imprint exhibition which was part of the London Design Festival. There was a range of print-making on show from a variety of artists who use print in their practice. I had a few pieces on show in the foyer section of the show, detailing the process of producing a lino cut ceramic piece.I showed pieces from a view in Altrincham, a view in Bologna and a view in Haworth.

Got a mention on the UAL London Design Festival coverage here.

I invigilated the show and loved Kethi Copeland's London-inspired prints on paper and furniture, Regina Heinz's meticulous wall ceramics, colourful prints from Katherina Manolessou and Hannah Victoria Locker and Annabel Williams' printed and engraved hangings.

Annabel Williams

Hannah Victoria Locker

Regina Heinz

Top Left: Fanny Shorter, Other artworks Katherina Manolessou

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