Monday, 16 January 2012

Snowshill, Gloucestershire in January

Snowshill, Gloucestershire - close to Broadway Village.
From 'Broadway - A Village History' by Derek Parsons
Chapter 7 - Custom, Folklore and Superstition
"Among the Broadway customs Morris recorded was the practice of spreading corn husk at the door of a wife beater, the public thus notified that 'thrashing' had taken place there, and the man hopefully being suitably shamed into mending his ways. Another expression of moral indignation was reserved for unfaithful wives, who could find themselves serenaded in their homes by a mock band of players on pots and pans."
"Hedgehogs suffered from the superstition they stole milk from cows whilst they rested in the fields and carried windfall apples away on their backs."

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Love the idea of hedgehogs stealing milk from the cows in fields!!!

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