Monday, 23 January 2012

Postcards from Europe - Postcard Swap

I received my postcard swap today from Postcards from Europe, organised by Rosie Gainsborough, Lucy Biddle, Katrina Currie and Chloe Bryon from Paulo Lacruz who is based in Alicante. It's a very cute hot toast! It also came with a postcard from the very talented Rosie Gainsborough.

The Postcards from Europe publication, featuring interviews with artists Mark Lazenby, Riitta Ikonen, Sophia Martineck, and Anthony Zinonsos, interviews with selected Postcards from Europe participants and selected postcards from the exhibition is available to view on here.

A short film of the project was made by Charlie Newland, and you can see some shots of the exhibition and book, and hear the organisers talking about the project.

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