Friday, 24 September 2010

Eat Me Magazine - Issue 3

I was so chuffed to do these illustrations for Ernesto Paiva's pull out and keep recipes for Eat Me Magazine. The magazine itself is a lovely thing to behold, beautifully designed and packed full of engaging food interviews, guides and discussions (and with Gizzi Erskine on the cover).
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ZEEL said...

these are lovely , you absolutely should be chuffed.
you are successfully bringing your needlepoint into 'flatland'.

i dragged darryl to see your SF show.we both enjoyed looking at your SF heroines, esp the appropriately knackered ripley.
sorry i couldnt get to the PV, i was hoping darryl would schedule a meeting for that day but it was not to be.
as an sf fan i was missing the not explicit sf-ness of much of the show , but as an artist, i dug the quality. La Bonfields film wasnt on when we were there.i suppose there must be a version on youtube.

hope you are super well reena,
keep in touch

Reena Makwana said...

thanks geoff!
i did a little dance when the magazine came through the post.
glad you liked the show - it was subtle sci-fi i'd agree, all the artists really pulled out the stops. i think chloe's going to put her video online soon.
keep in touch as well and hopefully see you soon