Thursday, 5 March 2009


This is one of a series of illustrations I've done for my work for the exhibition in LA we are putting together. Seeing as in hard times, people tend to hark back to better times, I've lifted inspiration for money superstitions. This particular one alludes to one claiming that a frothy tea indicates riches - the more bubbles, the more pennies. I've put the tea and vintage porcelain loving Chloe in this one. 

On the subject of hot beverages, I was thinking about a month ago how I have interned and worked at quite a few places and never been asked to make a cup of tea or coffee. You hear or read about internships, stories of being the dogbody, days of tea making and photocopying. I have made tea of course, offering than being asked.

It would be likely one day I would be asked. Unfortunately that day came, when I was asked to make a coffee for a YBA. This was fine until I went into the kitchen and looked, blank faced at the cafetiere. Shit. How the fuck does this work? I ended up trying to make a coffee from what was in there and considered heating in the microwave. I decided this was an extremely stupid idea, and ended up asking two people how the coffee maker worked (one being a senior member of staff). After the coffee was made, I walked down two...possibly three flights of stairs shaking and therefore the coffee spilled over the edges, colouring the white saucer and cup. I then handed it over.

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