Thursday, 19 March 2009

On the basis that seeing two is for joy, and one is for sorrow - another illustration in preparation for the LA show. I'm one of those people who lives in limbo when it comes to superstitions, I read them and laugh and then find myself slowing becoming increasingly on the verge of obsessive compulsive as I carry them out. I don't have a problems with ladders or cracks on the ground or spilling salt. However, the sight of a magpie has caused me on occasion on the morning train to work to announce 'MORNING MR MAGPIE!' and salut the winged sign of doom. This often dilutes itself to a simple salut. The magpies don't lie, either that or I am naturally unlucky, naturally in my love life. 

I am thinking that my trip to the West Coast might be a solo one. I'm starting to plan it and try to see if I actually know anyone there. This little planning session made me realise I know no one there...

My confusion and general slowness (I blame it on the waning moon) has lead me to strange tasks at work - including a 60 page presspack several times as I eventually noticed mistakes once they were saved. 

I want to see the Annette Messager exhibition...
I need to do some embroidery. 

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