Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Expedition No. 2: To The North!

I was lucky enough to visit a secret club/en hemmelig club’s ‘Expedition 2: To The North’ and help with a workshop on Friday 14th December, stitching shapes to add to colourful paper huts that had been made in a previous workshop. The show itself had work from a group of really talented artists including Anna Walsh (Garudio Studiage), Rita Furstenau, Phuc Van Dang, Cendrine Rovini and Esther McManus.

I made two embroideries for the show ‘The Northern Herdsmen’ and ‘Herdsmen’s Sampler’. The pieces have a border that glows in the dark after being exposed to a room of light or UV light. The colourful dress of the herdsmen keep evil spirits away as they heard their flock of antlered sheep through the Northern Forest.

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