Sunday, 13 February 2011

121 Mortimer Road

Part of my research into the past and present of Hackney for an upcoming project with Greig Burgoyne and the dalla Rosa Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Hi Reena, had a bit of time between drawing on windows etc in Edinburgh, and had a look at the site/ I currently playing with a blend of flat pacl furtniture plans, spacial rythms and eyes..hows mole man coming along?
best Greig

Reena Makwana said...

Hi Greig,
It's going well - I've been photographing people on the streets of Hackney and buildings, interweaving them with the Mole Man, the Hackney Bear and a few other stories from the past.
I think it will come together well with your drawings - mixing it up.
Looking forward to seeing photos from your 'Drawn In' show!
Reena x