Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Fire & Knives

As a result of my taste and various internships at independent bespoke places, there is no doubt that naturally I would be drawn to STACK magazine subscription which I have had since June.

This month I received two magazines and was lucky enough to have 'Fire and Knives' with me for company at work today. This beautiful publication is as satisfying as a hearty three-course meal, with its illustrations by Esther Aarts and MH Jeeves, alongside images from 'Mrs Marshall's Book of Moulds' and menus for George Perry-Smith's The Hole in the Wall. The subject matter is varied within the realms of food writing, articles on a Canadian poet and his ode to a large cheese, the rise and fall of railway catering and figurative food. The design is impeccable but there is substance as well as style. I was completely absorbed by each piece of writing.

It is published quarterly and available from here...

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