Friday, 3 July 2009

This week

The above illustration is a few months old - I didn't post it when I created it, but its for the next issue of 20 x 20 magazine which will be available soon in PDF form. I had a look on their website and saw this in a teeny photo and remembered.

The covers I produced for James Yorkston and The Big Eyes Family Players are on the Domino records website on a slide show -

I also am moving into a studio this week/weekend in South London with the lovely Alicia and Georgia, hoping to create a little space I can work in. Slightly worried about my money situation, need to start making some more money! However, I am really looking forward to it - I need a bit of my own space to work in.

I've been reading 'Minor Characters' by Joyce Johnson which has been on my 'to read' list for a considerable amount of time. I have been missing California especially and I think my next major project is going to be producing some work that form an embroidered documentary of my two weeks in the US. Sometimes I close my eyes and I see everything illuminated in the quality of light they have there, the June gloom of LA and Southern California, hazy desert hills and dusty freeways, the soft beaches and pale throbbing sunsets. I sort of need to kick start my motivation, being away made me slip into some sort of dream world.


Michael said...

Saw your work at Hibbleton in Fullerton, California. I enjoyed your pieces, sublime, really!

Michael said...
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