Sunday, 26 October 2008

The joys of internet shopping include the postage part, getting a present to yourself. A little pathetic, but I'll own up to that. I ordered two books last week in order to continue my research of superstitions - one is a dictionary, and the above is more of a reference book. Emily Bronte, Thomas Hardy, Robert Burns and the Romantics all referenced the supernatural and the superstitions embedded within the countryside. The wild moors and untouched grounds. Even when I visit the countryside, I can almost feel that throb of something ancient and old. 

Anyways - interestingly enough I read about the folklorist Edward Lovett and the carrying of mascots and abiding by certain rituals were practiced by soldiers in the First World War. It is almost as if in times of vunerability, people turn to things which may seem pagan.

I have completed my work on the superstition of rats and mice today - I'm not too sure how it will fair in an exhibition of fine artists, but I will find out at the meeting tomorrow. Continuing to work on the heroes book (not zine. well slight zine tendencies).

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