Saturday, 9 August 2008

Cathy by the sea

I took Cathy to the sea, on a spotless blue sky day and photographed her. Like the moors pictures I will put these up a bit later when I get them back (I really should get a high res camera). Both pictures were in good weather, which makes me think I should also take some photographs in the dark or during bad weather, just to get the more haunting element of Wuthering Heights. I am also going to add text and work on the smaller Cathy pieces.
Came across a Model Village - Rosie and I
marvelled at the small houses...the bizarre add-on sheds which contained dolls, toys and more, the gnomes put in at places. It was something out of The League of Gentlemen, which I suppose made it more of a curious thing. 

I think my submission is now going to involve a series of photographs and scans, charting the haunting of Cathy, both small and large and also an introduction with a quote from the song and book with both authors acknowledged. The explosive nature of the piece will be through the persistance of Cathy and the relevant quotes. 

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