Sunday, 24 August 2008

Je Tu Il Elle

I went to the Camden Arts Centre, a walk away from Finchley Road station and I was really impressed by the exhibition which is currently on. Originally I had gone for the Anya Gallaccio part of the exhibition, which was beautiful as always. The fact she uses materials that are destined to rot and die appeals to me. It was more the video work by Chantal Ackerman, which reflects on her family's experience during the Second World War that caught my attention - 'To Walk Next to One's Shoelaces in an Empty Fridge (2004) and 'Woman from Antwerp in November' 2007. The main room showed two ship sail like structures with a curve with the project of her grandmother's diary (found despite her death in a concentration camp). The music, projection and fabric all worked together to create an ethereal setting. 

I can't even think about starting work at the moment, I need some point to start from and I haven't even got that. 

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