Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Charity Shop

I decided after days of cabin fever and spending fear, to leave the house. I spent most of the day getting caught in rain showers and worrying about my teeth. However I did go to probably the best charity shop in Surbiton. They no longer have the Edith Piaf record I wanted (I didn't buy it because it had a lot of cat hair on, but now I realise I should have probably bought it. Along with the FUCKING SEWING MACHINE, I saw in there!)

I ended up spending ages looking around after I had a iced coffee thing, and I'm a complete idiot because for the fourth time running I've ordered one of those coffee, which is coffee with just ice cubes  - waste of £3 which I haven't exactly got to spend. There was an old man in the shop with a thick Irish accent arguing with the owner that he could not find Radio 5 on a dial radio. The argument ended up lasting twenty minutes, when they tried to explain that you cannot preset on a dial radio, he told them to order one for him. He then went on to say that his family were killed and couldn't help him use the dial one. The charity shop man then had to explain they don't get a lot of radios and to try somewhere like Dixons or Curry's, which led to another part of the argument as to whether there was a Curry's in Kingston. Or Surbiton.

I got a comment on my depressing choice of reading. I have been reading a lot lately and unfortunately it has been colouring my bad mood. 

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